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Our team has participated in the development of more than 350 tower sites nation-wide. Get in touch with us to rent space on any of our towers to stay connected with your community and grow your network. We work business-to-business to help you develop your infrastructure and expand, and we even have solutions in place to install your own tower on your land as needed.

1 Source has more than 20 years of experience establishing a network for businesses nationwide to connect them to their communities and carrying them forward into the future. You can rent space on a tower to keep your business operating wirelessly smoothly, or we can work with your own tower on your land. 1 Source provides tower maintenance for all of our clients, and we work with you closely to keep your network secure and stable so you can focus on the important thing: running your business!

If you’re a business in need of a tower to stay connected, rent one of ours and trust 1 Source to help manage it for you with our experienced team. Support your wireless network with your own tower with help from 1 Source. Get in touch with us about installing a tower on your land or regular tower maintenance today.

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FL7017 Wauchula

Lat/Long: 27.431658, -82.136046

County: Manatee

Address: 6030 Wauchula Road

Myakka City, FL 34251

178-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 165’, 155’, 145’, 135’


FL7038 Knights Griffin

Lat/Long: 28.079335, -82.180991

County: Hillsborough

Address: 4818 West Knights Griffin Road

Plant City, FL 33565

170-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 155’, 145’, 135’, 125’


FL7077 Lake Lucerne

Lat/Long: 28.080053, -81.691220

County: Polk

4620 Old Lucerne Park Road

Winter Haven, FL 33881

195-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 185’, 175’, 165’


FL7078 Haines City East

Lat/Long: 28.129079, -81.558350

County: Polk

5900 Baker Dairy Road

Haines City, FL 33844

199-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 185’, 175’, 165’

FL7099 Stacked.jpg

FL7099 Lizzy

Lat/Long: 27.81928, -81.66527

County: Polk

5005 Greyhound Ave

Lake Wales, FL 33859

190-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 175’, 165’, 155’


FL7170 Myakka City

Lat/Long: 27.35439, -82.17145

County: Manatee

36251 SR 70

Myakka City, FL 34251

240-Foot Self Support

RADS Available: 225’, 215’, 205’, 195'


IA7001 Runnells

Lat/Long: 41.510273, -93.364672

County: Polk

602 Hancock Street

Runnells, IA 50237

170 Flagpole

RADS Available: 155’, 145’, 135’


IA7008 Roland

Lat/Long: 42.170827, -93.498309

County: Story

301 East Walnut Street

Roland, IA 50236

195-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 185’, 175’, 165’


IA7029 Bayard

Lat/Long: 41.849894, -94.532872

County: Guthrie

2091 Highway 41

Bayard, IA 50029

195-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 185’, 175’, 165’

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WA7001 Roy

Lat/Long: 46.98094, -122.39413

County: Pierce

2627 304th Street

Roy, WA 98580

150-Foot Monopole

RADS Available: 135’, 125, 115’

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